Diana Furchtgott-Roth, one of the authors of IWF’s Lean Together book and director of Economics21 at the Manhattan Institute, has a must-read column out today with this headline:

Republicans Want a Better Life for You that Democrats Can’t Stand

Furchtgott-Roth looks at the House and Senate budget resolutions published this week and deduced the contrast between Democrats, who want to take care of people, and the Republicans, who want people to get ahead.

She notes that President Obama’s budget, which was released in February, comes with a $687 billion deficit in 2025, while the GOP budget proposals project a surplus. But more than just the numbers, Democrats try to take care of people, while Republicans seek to create conditions where they can get good jobs and better incomes.

The column is well worth reading, and in it Diana lays out “six ways Republicans want you to get ahead.” All are good but I’ll just quote two of them:

Budget deficits:  By lowering the growth of spending to 3% annually from 5%, congressional Republicans have proposed to bring the budget into surplus in 2025.

Think of what that means for future generations. They would only have to pay for their own spending, not for the spending of parents and grandparents. Of course, these budget resolutions are going to be derided as cuts that hurt the poor.  But government spending is still projected to rise, just at a slower rate than before.  Over the next 10 years, interest on the debt would decline by almost $800 billion.

Fewer regulations: Republicans want fewer regulations, Democrats want more.

The Environmental Protection Agency is having a field day regulating mercury, ozone, and carbon, even though statistics from its own website show that the air is getting cleaner every year.  The ozone standards put in place under President George W. Bush have yet to take effect, but the EPA has called for comments on new ones. Under these new regulations, states would have to submit state implementation plans to the EPA for approval. These state implementation plans would require a reduction in power plants, factories, and vehicles on the road in order for states to come into compliance. This means less economic activity and fewer jobs.

America has gradually emerged from the Great Recession, and people are looking to the future. They want more than handouts, they want upward mobility. That’s why the Republicans’ economic package will catch on.

Get ready for Hillary Clinton to tell you how heartless these proposals are.