Brave New York City health officials have decided to institute an age limit to combat the epidemic of children who abuse apple juice. 


The city's health code has now been updated to reduce the amount of juice kids are allowed to drink from six ounces of juice a day to four ounces. Also, children under 2-years-old cannot be served juice. Health officials are also banning television viewing for children 2 and under and added a requirement that children not be allowed to remain sedentary or to sit passively for more than 30 minutes at a time except during nap time.

Naturally, health department officials say these rule changes are all to combat childhood obesity.

You know, I don't run a daycare but I am raising three rambunctious kids and I know that I like having all tools at my disposal. Many may consider these policies a good idea and important for guiding child care providers but one can't help but pause to think maybe the government's a little too involved when an agency is issuing rules on things like 2-ounces of juice.

The city of New York already requires licensing of these daycare facilities and for the people working in them. Can't we trust these professionals to make good decisions for these kids? 

Of course not. Government bureaucrats know best.