Just two days ago, after Comedy Central picked half-black/half-white South African comedian Trevor Noah to succeed Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, progressives were prophesying that racist, birther, dog whistle-blowing, guns 'n' religion-clinging wingnuts would soon be crawling out of the woodwork to try to destroy him:

The tenor of conservative criticism of “The Daily Show” is about to get very, very ugly. This country spent years embroiled in a debate over whether an American citizen who became the president was “really” American; what are we going to do to Trevor Noah? Conservative critics have a practiced, doublespeaking method of piling on the heat on figures who stand out because of their race or gender or sexuality, while protesting that they are doing no such thing—whether their refrain is “ethics in game journalism” or “long-form birth certificate.”

That was because it was just so darned pathbreaking to have a black man cracking jokes on television (SJWs have never heard of Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle):

I am so excited about Trevor Noah. He’s new to me, but his repertoire online is very promising, including this killer Hitler impression. He’s going to bring the perspective of a whole other hemisphere to the American conversation, and he’s ushering late-night into an era where it’s not an oddity or a fluke to have a host that isn’t a white man…. I hope we can prove to Noah that we deserve him—and that we’ll stand for him, too,

Oopsie-do! Yesterday the SJWs found out about some old tweets of Noah's where he made some jokes about women instead of Hitler–and that was it as far as "standing for him" went. The jokes specifically concerned plus-size women ("fat-shaming!") and Jewish women (even though Noah, like Lena Dunham, who's also in hot water with the P.C. police over wisecracks about her people, is part Jewish himself).

Suddenly the reaction to Noah went from "I hope we can prove…that we deserve him" to "Eeeew–misogynist creep!":

[N]ot here for this sexist, objectifying, fat-shaming bullshit. this is why we need more female hosts, please.


So 's a bit of a misogynist. Well done,

Remember this, Comedy Central: Feminists have noooooo sense of humor. And: Hell hath no fury like a feminist scorned.

This would be another sad example of the viselike grip of political correctness that is gradually chokeholding all the irreverent fun out of our lives–except that it's so delicious to watch one group of advocates for victims du jour get trumped by another group of advocates for victims du jour.