Usually I’m a fan of Buzzfeed videos, especially the one were a group of men hilariously try on women’s underwear, you know, to “take a walk in our thongs.”

But the latest Buzzfeed video on the wage gap in men and women’s earnings is neither funny nor accurate. You can watch it here.

The main character in the video, Allison, discovers that her male counterpart (someone who we are told works the same exact job as Allison) makes much more money than her. What Allison should do is sue the heck out of her company, because she is already protected from sex-based wage discrimination by the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But instead Allison decides to carry on with her job, only doing 78 percent of the work. Because, you know, fairness.

I can’t really blame Buzzfeed for completely misunderstanding this issue. After all, they’ve been lied to: Year after year on their so-called “Equal Pay Day,” the political left continues to perpetuate the myth that the “78 cents on the dollar” statistic (up one penny from last year, guys!!) is evidence that women are paid unfairly.

The problem is that the “78 cents” wage gap statistic does not gauge how close (or how far) we are to equal pay for equal work, a concept that all Americans support.

The statistic, as we have explained over and over and over again at IWF, does not take into account factors such as profession, industry, education, experience, or even the number of hours worked per week. If you want to learn what the wage gap really is, I’d suggest watching a different video. This one, from IWF: