I firmly believe that it should be the policies and record of a candidate that should matter when someone is deciding whom to support for higher office.  Race, gender, religion, sexual orientation… these really ought not weigh into the calculation when we are thinking about a job as important as the Presidency.

Yet I understand the desire to break down barriers and to show that we are a diverse nation that can elect people with different backgrounds.  In fact, I would love to see a woman elected President.  It’s time.  American women have been increasingly taking on prominent roles in all walks of life, including as political leaders, so it would be great to see a woman in the oval office.  If there were two candidates with similar platforms and similar records, I’d even give the nod to the woman myself, because I’d like to see a woman leading the country.

The desire for a female president, however, certainly shouldn’t be so strong as to overwhelm all other criteria we would normally apply when considering candidates.  Yet when one considers Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy it is hard to come up with a rationale other than that she is a woman and the wife of a former President who Americans have come to feel was a great success.

Mrs. Clinton has no record of accomplishments of her own.  And, in fact, she has a dubious record of notable failures from her tenure as Secretary of State and from her time as First Lady, and little memorable from her service as Senator.  The policy agenda that she pushes could be printed off of just about any mainstream junior Democrats’ website.  She doesn’t offer any new ideas, any record of building coalitions and creating progress.  Oh, she also has a record of utter disregard for following the rules and the law, sleazy political back-dealing, complete disrespect for the concept of transparency, lying without apology to the public, and blaming others when she is caught in those lies. 

Is this really the woman we want to “shatter the ultimate glass ceiling” as it is so often called? 

I truly hope not.  I want our first female President to be someone who gets there based on her record of stellar achievement.  Not because she stood by her philandering husband, got elected based on her name, and then did nothing to prove her own effectiveness. Woman deserve a better representative than Mrs. Clinton.