While Fox’s Shepard Smith nattered on fatuously about oppressors and oppression and compared the Baltimore riots to Civil Rights era events  in his native Mississippi (there is nothing more annoying than the Mississippi liberal touchingly eager to demonstrate personal enlightenment—I know. I used to be one)  . . .

While CNN contributor Sally Kohn condoned the violence of the Baltimore riots, which have felled fourteen police officers, one of whom is said to be "unresponsive" in a hospital bed, and destroyed the property of hard-working Americans, with this tweet:

Looting a real shame. But FAR MORE shameful is pattern of police violence against black community! Perspective, people. #BaltimoreRising

While this riots for dummies brigade was being very cool and hip to the destruction of a city. injuring of law enforcement officers, and looting of private property, a hero mom in Baltimore found it in her heart and mind to have a different response. Here is Mary Katharine Ham’s description of what Baltimore's hero mom did:

Meanwhile, one Baltimore mom (or other relative) delivered the symbolic slap pretty much everyone wanted to deliver unto punk looters and rioters. She caught a young man who’s presumably her son out in the madding crowds and got real mad. I know there are the sensitive among us who might object to this form of discipline, but I’m betting this kid is off the streets for the time being, and embarrassed on national TV in the process. Nicely done, Mom. The world was uncharacteristically united on Twitter in applauding her…forcefulness.

I grew up in a family that was adamantly condemned corporal punishment. I don't condone slapping or hitting children or abusive language used towards children or adults. Nevertheless, I think this woman is someone who deserves credit for getting out of her house and going to get make sure her kid doesn't get caught up in a race riot. 

The hero mom wasn’t the only citizen of Baltimore who deserves praise. I was heartened that a number of people who seemed to live in the riot-torn area of the city were coming forward to say to TV reporters that the rioting is a disgrace. This contrasted mightily with the Ferguson riots. In Ferguson, I didn’t see citizens stepping up to the TV cameras to say that the riots must stop. So Bravo to Baltimore’s hero mom and other courageous citizens like her. (Also a bravo for Fox's Leland Vittert, who demonstrated cool under fire and even tried to get rioters he interviewed from using bad language on TV.)

The death of Freddie Gray, who suffered a broken spinal cord in police custody, must be fully investigated and correct actions taken.

But there is no excuse for the destruction that followed it.

We commend the Gray family for speaking out against the violence.

They are in our thoughts at this time of terrible loss.