A blogger is pushing to make blue collar jobs popular again. 

Patrice J. Lee of the Independent Women's Forum says too many young people today see a white-collar job as the only way to successful. She traces that back to a belief that every child should attend college. 

"It's well-meaning," she says, "but it's a one-size-fits-all kind of policy for how a young person can achieve success in this country."

Lee's commentary about blue-collar jobs can be read here

She says the one-size-fits-all policy is bipartisan, with both Democrats and Republicans attempting to sound pro-education.

"Every child is not best suited for college," she argues.  "They can achieve success by graduating from high school with the right skills and training, and then pursue a trade school or an apprenticeship, and work with their hands in another type of field."

Lee was asked what people supporting blue-collar jobs should do to make their voices heard. She points to Generation Opportunity, where she also works, which publicizes career routes for young people.

People can also urge their state and federal lawmakers, she says, to rethink regulations and ensure that policymakers are recognizing that trades and manufacturing are great ways for young people to achieve success.