Sometimes I think our society has become terminally confused.

Thanks to a vote by the Fairfax County, Va. school board little girls may soon find themselves sharing the school rest rooms with little boys. They will be little boys who “identify” as little girls but still have the biological attributes of little boys.  Some very retrograde people still regard them as little boys.

The Advocate, a gay newspaper, described what happened this way:

The school board in Fairfax County, Va., took a stand Thursday night, voting to add "gender identity" to the nondiscrimination policy currently enforced at its schools, despite facing a standing-room-only crowd of community members who were largely opposed to the change.

In what supporters called a "powerful statement of support" for gender-nonconforming students, the board's decision requires all 198 schools within the district — which is the tenth largest in the country — to begin considering new trans-affirming policies for bathrooms and locker rooms, reports Washington, D.C.'s NBC affiliate. The district will reportedly hire a consultant to begin the process. 

The headline is “Virginia School Board Protects Trans Students, Despite Objections from Hecklers.”

Well, I’m not a heckler but I certainly object.  This is not fair to students who identify with the sex “assigned” at birth. Breitbart describes the situation:

Boys who think they’re girls are called “trans-girls.” Girls who think they’re boys, a much rarer phenomenon, are called “trans-boys.” If you accept your boyness and girlness from birth you are now called “cis,” as in “cisgender.” Only a tiny fraction of the population is anything other than “cisgender” yet it is this tiny “trans” fraction that is changing the bathroom landscape in grade schools, middle schools and high schools around the country.

With only one dissenting vote out of 11, the school board in Fairfax County, Virginia voted this week to include transgender students in a category of nondiscrimination. It did this without consulting parents, and the result will be that trans-girls, that is, boys in dresses but with penises, will be in the stall next to real girls.

Much of this is now coming after pressure from the Obama administration. It determined at the end of last year that “transgender” youth are protected categories under Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972.

The school board members who voted for this absurd policy are probably the same people who regarded Bruce Jenner’s recent interview about his gender transition not with sadness and compassion but as a great act of moral courage.

Meanwhile, for parents who would like to protect their young children from some of the harsher gender controversies of our day, it is a setback.