Starting this September, restaurants in one California city will not be allowed to serve soda with kids' meals – a regulation one critic calls absurd.

The ordinance, passed by the Davis, California City Council and designed to combat childhood obesity, makes milk or water the default drink in restaurant kids' meals.

Julie Gunlock, a mother, author and senior fellow for the Independent Women's Forum (IWF), tells OneNewsNow many restaurants have already taken soda out as an option for kids' meals.

"It is just absurd. These kinds of moves by city councils and by city governments are just gestures to make it look like they're doing something to crack down on childhood obesity," she comments. "But it certainly disturbs me to see a government telling a business how it can run its business. Secondly, this is the parents' responsibility."

The law goes into effect September 1st.

Parents would still have the option of ordering a soda for Junior, along with the kids' meal containing water or milk. That leaves questions as to whether an ordinance to combat childhood obesity would actually tackle the issue that city councilors see as a problem.

"Childhood obesity has a lot more to do with children's lack of activities, so don't tell me it's all because of the Orange Crush they got with their Happy Meal," Gunlock argues. "It is because we have become a more sedentary society as much as it is the rather dismal diet decisions that parents are making for their children. These foods are fine on occasion and if you're in a rush or on a trip," she concludes.