Quote of the Day:

To the list of questions Hillary Clinton will never answer, add one more: Would a second Clinton presidency continue and expand Barack Obama’s revision of the American system of government that existed from 1789 until 2009?

–Daniel Henninger in today’s Wall Street Journal

This is today’s must-read, a succinct explanation of how President Obama has drastically altered the U.S. form of government. This in a nutshell is what President Obama has accomplished:

The central feature of Mr. Obama’s rewrite of what one might call the Founding Fathers’ original vision has been to abolish Congress. Yes, the 535 men and women elected to Congress still show up at the old Capitol building, as they have since November 1800. But once past passage of ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank, the 44th president effectively retired Congress from its historic function. If you put the president behind the wheel of a car in front of the White House to visit Congress, he’d probably get lost.

This is not a joke if you are one of the many million Americans the Re-Founding Father has commanded, via vast executive power, to do what he wants you to do. He did it again last week.

Henninger cites as a later example of the president’s reconfiguration of the U.S. system the EPA’s massive expansion of the Clean Water Act, designating “ponds, creeks, rivulets, ditches, catch basins and water-filled potholes as subject to what the Clean Water Act originally called ‘navigable waters.’” In Henninger's view the federal bureaucracy has replaced ia "moribund" Congress as a branch of government.

This is the real question before us in 2016: Do we even make an effort to return to the system of government that previously existed?

I urge you to read Henninger’s column.