We’ve had a number of occasions in the last few years to comment on Cosmopolitan magazine’s increasing politicization (here, here, and here for starters). It seems Cosmo today is almost more likely to give political tips than sex tips.

Still, it is worth noting that Cosmo editor Joanna Coles has gotten some attention today for making no attempt to soft pedal the magazine’s advocacy of Democratic policies during an appearance over the weekend on CNN’s Reliable Sources. Newsbusters has the story (and the video):

Coles happily agreed that her magazine engaged in “liberal cheerleading” because “for the most part young women's interests are better supported by liberal/Democrat candidates” before she attempted to be objective by claiming “it’s too early in the process to say which candidate is best going to represent them.”

Ms. Coles may be maintaining a coy attitude about Mrs. Clinton, but it would be inconceivable if the magazine were not to support Mrs. Clinton unless something unexpected intervenes and Mrs. Clinton fails to get the Democratic nomination. Ms. Coles's support for Democratic policies is par for the course in the women’s magazine world. Conde Nast’s Anna Wintour, the most powerful woman in fashion journalism, for example, is an Obama bundler.

As Thomas Lifson notes, this bias is not an insignificant thing: “One reason why the female vote supports Democrats far more than males is the serious bias among media directed at women,” Lifson writes. Women who want to present a more commonsense, free-market approach to politics are increasingly talking about how to do this amid the pro-Democrat media culture. 

So let's thank Ms. Coles for her candour and move onto talking about how we make our points without them.