Misogyny! A tattoo artist refuses to put a disfiguring tattoo onto a woman's neck!

Yup, that's what Jezebel blogger Jane Marie says. And Jezebel is always right about crimes against feminism. (Oops, forgot to issue trigger warning:  The F-word appears frequently in this post, including in the title, which is: "Don't Tell Me I Can't Get A F—ing Neck Tattoo.")

Seems that our heroine went to New York City tattooist Dan Blythewood to have her two-year-old daughter's name inked a couple of inches below her ear. This conversation ensued:

Dan: “Not gonna happen.”

Me: “Wait, what? Why?”

Dan: “It’ll look tacky. It’s just tacky.”

Me: “Wait, you’re telling me what will look tacky on me? Don’t I get to decide that?”

Dan: “A neck tattoo on someone without a lot of tattoos is like lighting a birthday candle on an unbaked cake.”

Stunning analogy, right? I wonder: Does Dan know what an analogy even is? And then suddenly I’m fighting back tears because, as Dan has already correctly assessed, I’m just a feeble-minded, hysterical girl. And then I ask the next thing that pops into my head.

Me: “Would you say this to a guy?”

Dan luh-hiterally paused, looked askance, and said with a slight nod, unconvincingly, “Yeah.”


This sexist slur didn't deter the tearful Jane Marie, though. After a good cry, she headed to another parlor that complied with her gesture of love–and also likely source of lifelong future embarrassment for the toddler when she grows up and has to introduce her friends to her now sixty-ish mom.

Fortunately, as Inquisitr reports,  Blythewood seemed to demonstrate more class than the whiny Jane Marie:

I was targeted by a blogger via Jezebel.com who would like to see me out of business. The reason? I refused to tattoo her neck, as I regularly do when asked by a sparsely tattooed or un-tattooed customer. Where she really got it wrong is assuming that I refused her service for sexist reasons, even after I informed her that I refuse neck tattoos on men and women weekly. Her misguided attempt to make this a feminist issue is a disservice to true feminism. It trivializes it in a wolf cry and makes slanderous assumptions of my character (just ask my mother, three big sisters, three beautiful nieces, and all of my wonderful female friends). I am a far cry from a misogynist. Although I appreciate all of the support I have received from the tattoo community, I would also like to ask that all the harsh name-calling directed at ‘SeeJaneMarie’ stop now. We strongly disagree with her opinion, but I also strongly disagree with calling women ‘b***hes’ or ‘c**ts’ for having strong opinions, even if those opinions are misguided.
I'm just waiting for Jane Marie Jr.'s first complete sentence: "Mo-om, can't you wear a turtleneck when you take me to my play-date, pleeeze?"