A section in IWF's Lean Together book was devoted to the enormous benefits technology has brought to women. Innovation has given us more job flexibility, made us safer, and introduced us to books and ideas that once required a trip to bookstore.

I know how much technology has changed my life. I am sitting at home blogging, with the cat, whose personality is such that he might not fare well in an office situation, asleep on the desk. I read newspapers and magazines almost every day that I could not have found without considerable trouble earlier in my career. There is an app for telling when the Metro bus will arrive, so I can make transporation decisions accordingly.  

But I must to confess that I am envious of my millennial sisters (or maybe I should say nieces!), who are more digitalized (also younger!) and thus will benefit even more from innovations in technology than my generation.

I came across a recent article in the Hill, written by an industry insider, on how technology is opening up opportunities for the fully digitalized generation of millenial women:

Millennials are the most highly educated generation in the U.S. to date, largely due to educational accomplishments of women. Almost 1 in 4 Millennials have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Innovations in technology have made it possible for the millennial generation of women to have equal access to education as their male counterparts. Technology has created a new, more convenient way of becoming informed and women have the opportunity to take advantage of this. Women have the choice to educate themselves on issues they care about, obtaining information from the multitude of online news outlets. The world of applications has also created more education opportunities for women. Millennials can download apps that aid in their education about a wide array of topics, making it easy to choose to capitalize on knowledge regarding subjects that matter to them.

The expansion of today’s technology has empowered millennial women to share their voice and become thought leaders in their industries.  As Fashion CEO Tory Burch says, “We need to get women to a point where they aren’t apologizing. It’s time to take ownership in our success.”

Flexibility and technology have been kindred themes since IWF began–and we're delighted that millenial women will reap even more benefits than my generation.