There has been a lot of grandstanding about the earnings of male and female athletes in the wake of the U.S. Women's Soccer team recent victory over Japan's team. The Factual Feminist had a good explanation which I recommend to you.

I don't know much (anything) about martial arts, but I commend Ronda Rousey, who just scored a big victory in a fight  at a mixed martial arts event, who resisted an interviewer's attempts to lure her into a Patricia Arquette-like statement on the gender pay gap.

The Libertarian Republic reports that Ronda Rousey "put a female interviewer in her place over gender pay gap."

Ms. Rousey refused to reveal how much she earns and said that, if she had as many fights under her belt as the male athletes in the Mayweather-Pacquiano fight, she'd earn as much as they did.

Meanwhile, Chicks on the Right also praised Rousey for giving the right answer:

She was asked to register shock and horror over the fact that she won less money than a male competitor and that's supposed to be some indication of the mythical "Gender Wage Gap" that feminists like to harp about. But Rousey used Actual Logic to explain why she makes less money (SPOILERS: it has nothing to do with gender) –

The Chicks have the video of Ms. Rousey being interviewed.

So she's not only a heck of a martial artist–she can think on her feet and has a basic grasp of sports economics that often elude journalists. You can read about it here.

Ms. Rousey will likely play herself in a movie based on her best-selling autobiography “My Fight/Your Fight." Paramount has optioned it.