Seems that it's now "misogynistic" to advise women to try to please the men in their lives.

That's the less that Glamour magazine learned after it published a listicle called "!3 Little Things That Can Make a Man Fall Hard for You" a few days ago!

We can't have that! So, after the expected Twitter IED attack, Glamour retracted that listicle faster than a spring-powered tape measure. Besides being called misogynistic, the list was dubbed "outdated" and "so sexist that it could be satire." One tweet read: "The 1950s called, they want their advice back."

Actually, if the Glamour list has a fault, it's that it's not 1950s enough. Your sock-hopping mom might have been surprised to read a tip such as this one back then:

6. Being open to what he wants to try in the bedroom and out.

In the bedroom?  Does he want me to dress up like Paddington Bear?

Still, once you correct for the Cosmo-style sex references, the "little things" on the list are actually the smart advice about how to hook a husband that mothers and grandmothers used to dish out as a matter of course. For example:

9. Making a big deal out of his favorite meal. Does he like hot dogs cut up into his boxed mac-and-cheese? Serve it on a fancy tray in bed to really see him smile.

That's a version of the adage "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." It never hurts a girl to learn how to cook.


5. Answering the door in a negligée—or, better yet, naked.

This could create problems if you've got nosy neighbors, but again, that's basically your mom telling you to look as attractive as you can at all times. Men strongly respond to visual cues, and they appreciate your efforts to look your best for them.


4. Bragging about him to your friends, family, the stranger on the street corner—whomever. Proclamations of pride will make his chest puff out and his heart swell.

What a man wants above all in a lifetime partner is a woman who always has his back. He's yours for life if he's convinced of your loyalty and devotion.

But the whole idea of striving to make your man happy–that is, thinking about someone else besides yourself, for a change and then putting out a little effort–is anathema these days. So 1950s! So passe!

So Glamour quickly disappeared the listicle and issued this abject apology:

Finding real, satisfying romance in 2015 essentially comes down to one thing: showing someone who you are, celebrating who he or she is, and respecting each other. We understand that the list read like a 1950s marriage handbook—and nobody wants to go back there….

What we want for you is love based on equality, not indentured servitude with date night. We're sorry for slipping off message.

Yes, ladies, the secret to lasting romance is "showing someone who you are." Go ahead and be yourself: Look like a slob, refuse to cook for him (or do anything else that might make him happy), complain about him to all your friends.

One thing to be said about the 1950s: Nobody may want "to go back there," but the decade sure had a higher marriage rate (and lower divorce rate) than today.