President Obama loves to present himself and his party as advocates for women.

The new jobs numbers out just now prompt one to ask: With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Breitbart reports:

The number of women not in the labor force reached a record high in July, according to data released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

According to the BLS, 56,209,000 women aged 16 and older were not participating in the workforce in July, besting April’s record of 56,167,000 women who were neither employed nor had made a specific effort to find work in the four weeks prior.

July’s figures represented an uptick of 124,000 over June’s level of 56,085,000 women who were out of the workforce.

The civilian labor force also shrank for women last month from 73,547,000 in June to 73,528,000 in July. The labor force participation rate for women, meanwhile, remained the same at 56.7 percent.

Of those women considered to be in the workforce, 69,638,000 had a job and 3,891,000 were unemployed. The unemployment rate for women was 5.3 percent in July, up slightly from June’s 5.2 percent.

These abysmal numbers are the result of job-killing policies, including more regulation that inevitably leads to fewer jobs, of the Obama administration, which would likely be carried on and even beefed up in a Clinton administration.

Mrs. Clinton, if she is the Democratic nominee, will portray Republicans as waging a war on women.

A bad economy and high unemployment–that's the real war on women.