GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump needs to learn the difference between political correctness and decency. It’s fine not to be the former, but we should all strive to be the latter.

His continuous disparaging of Fox News host Megyn Kelly is unacceptable, especially for someone who is vying to be our next chief of state. This week, Trump is out on social media re-tweeting comments about Megyn Kelly calling her a “bimbo” and criticizing her appearance.

It’s understandable why Donald Trump, his supporters, and other Americans might be frustrated with “the PC police.” Many Americans feel they can’t be frank about their opinions, and that’s not a good thing. We should encourage all people to be a part of the dialogue about the issues facing our country. And sometimes we just need to agree to disagree. We shouldn’t tolerate efforts to silence anyone just because his ideas are unpopular. After all, what is popular isn’t always what’s right.

But there’s an important difference between “political correctness” and decency. Today’s “politically correct” movement may have gone too far, but leaders should still practice basic manners when discussing the issues and other people.

It’s never acceptable for anyone, male or female, Republican or Democrat, to call names. It’s even worse when the name-calling has sexist or racist implications. (“Bimbo” refers to an attractive but stupid woman, according to Merriam-Webster’s.) It’s even worse when the person doing the name-calling is running for the highest office in the land. What an embarrassment to our culture and nation.

Name-calling gets a lot of attention, and that’s part of why Mr. Trump does it. But unfortunately, the attention that the media will spend on his inflammatory comments should instead be given to the serious issues facing the country.

When a candidate depends too strongly on name-calling, it suggests he doesn’t have a firm grasp of the issues and would rather play politics than demonstrate leadership.  If Mr. Trump seriously has a problem with Megyn Kelly, he should make a substantive argument as to why. Calling her a “bimbo” won’t solve anything.

We should expect more of our leaders. Shame on Mr. Trump.  He may think he’s bucking the PC police, but he’s really only alienating large swaths of the public and further damaging the conservative brand (especially among women). It is one thing to say noble but unpopular things; it is another to simply be rude.