According to analysis by the Free Beacon, Hillary Clinton the projected annual salary for women working on the Clinton campaign is about $7,000 less than male members of the Clinton team. But the Beacon reports that one woman running for president has no comparable gender wage gap:

As women working for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign struggle with a gender pay gap, women working for the businesswoman and Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina are coming out on top.

The median female annual salary on Fiorina’s campaign is $69,724, about $15,000 higher than the median male annual salary of $54,829, according to data made available to the Washington Free Beacon by the campaign.

The highest paid members of Fiorina’s staff are her campaign managers Frank Sadler and Sarah Isgur Flores, who both make $150,000 a year.

The next six highest salaries on the campaign are all for female employees. The lowest salary is for a male.

The campaign provided annual salary figures for staff on payroll as of the last Federal Election Committee filing deadline in July.

It could of course be that the women on the Clinton staff have made choices (such as college majors that lead to less lucrative jobs or time off from their careers).

It could also be that Mrs. Clinton's advocacy for women is hypocritical and more likely to benefit her than contribute to the actual wellbeing of women.

Discuss among yourselves. Meanwhile, the figures are fascinating. I urge you to read the whole fascinating report.