When Hillary Clintons can't come up with other good reasons why she should be president, she generally turns to gender issues. The embattled Democratic frontrunner is doing just that this weekend:  

Hillary Clinton plans to launch a new initiative this weekend as she seeks to weave women’s issues into every facet of her campaign instead of using them in a separate silo as she did in her unsuccessful 2008 presidential bid.

On Saturday, the Democratic front-runner will launch "Women for Hillary’’ with a two-week effort to enlist the support of female voters that will include house parties, organizing events and trips by the candidate and her surrogates to early voting states, campaign officials told USA TODAY.

She’s also aiming to make a personal connection with women by using a marketing campaign that will offer regular subscriptions for home deliveries of some of Clinton’s favorite household items and branded products, according to Jesse Ferguson, the campaign’s spokesman.

Are they selling the Hillary Computer Wipe Rag?

But it gets worse:

A new marketing initiative called "Thx Box," a take on an online makeup subscription called BirchBox, will offer regular home delivery of assorted merchandise. Supporters will also receive a Bitmoji of a pink pantsuit they can impose onto their own avatar.

No orange pantsuit jokes, please.

Nevertheless, and despite the silliness of the merchandise,  we feel that Mrs. Clinton must have been cribbing from IWF material because we've been saying for years that women's issues encompass more than only what are traditionally considered gender issues. The shorthand for what we say is: All Issues Are Women's Issues.

But Clinton is not cribbing our ideas and is relying instead on an arsenal of old ideas that pander to women but don't actually help women (or anybody for that matter).

For example, expanding paid leave to new mothers is a good idea, but if it is made mandatory, as the Democrats want to do, it will make it harder for women to be hired and probably increase the overhead of a business so that there are fewer positions overall. But it sounds good for Hillary's campaign, so why not?

The launch will also feature renewed focus on Clinton's  1995 speech at a United Nations conference on women in Beijing proclaiming that “women’s rights are human rights.’’ Nice sentiment, Hilly, but can't help noticing that the rise of ISIS, which is even more vicious to women that other oppressive regimes,  on your watch.

Hillary needs women. But do women need Hillary?