With Hillary Clinton still (for now) the likely to be the Democratic nominee for the presidency, attitudes of and about women will be front and center next year.

If you add to this that women make up a slightly larger percentage of the electorate than men–53 percent to their 47 percent in 2012–and you'll see why pollsters are paying so much attention to us right now.

Just about the best compendium I've seen lately on women and politics is the  AEI Political Report for September. It's chock full of interesting information and clearly written in a jargon-free style. Read it now and file it away for next year.

It deals with attitudes towards having a woman president (95 percent of men and women tell Gallup that they are willing to pull the lever for a woman), Hillary Clinton's support (she is still somewhat more popular with women than men), and the gender gap, which may now be less important now than the marriage gap–and lots of other issues we'll be thinking and talking about in the very near future.

It's a fascinating study and polical junkies will want to block out an entire morning to sink blissfully into this wonderufl information!