Hillary Clinton's campaign isn't doing so well, so her donors have a new idea: run Bill Clinton instead.

Here's The HIll:

Democratic fundraisers are urging Hillary Clinton to make Bill Clinton a bigger part of her presidential campaign, particularly when it comes to fundraising. 

The donors, who have contributed some of the biggest checks to President Obama and the Democratic Party, are disappointed by the lack of face time, overall communication and gratitude from Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail….

Donors think Bill Clinton, who so far has been on the sidelines of his wife’s presidential bid, could fill a void for the campaign. 

“She doesn’t come across as naturally comfortable in these settings,” the donor said. “Bill Clinton is the complete opposite. The more social an environment, the more at ease he feels.”

There is a small problem called the 22nd Amendment, however, but the Dem donors have figured out a way around that one: leave Hillary's name on the ballot, but have Bill make all the public appearances:

[Financier and Dem donor J.B.] Pritzker conceded that Bill Clinton “may be one of the best retail politicians in my lifetime, so that makes him one heck of a good surrogate.”

He said the former president’s first two fundraisers last week in Chicago were successful and “very well attended,” and he expects that his presence at other big-dollar events will only help. 

“There is no better surrogate for a candidate,” he said. “He is out there now and he is helping and it can only be a big plus for the campaign.”

Yes–"surrogate"! It'll work just like surrogate motherhood, where a behind-the-scenes woman gets impregnated and bears a baby  for a woman who can't conceive–but the latter is legally seemed the infant's mother. Surely, if we can have surrogate motherhood, we can have a surrogate presidency, can't we? He'll do all the campaigning, but she'll be the one legally on the ballot.

And everyone, including Dem donors, knows that Bill is a lot more fun to be around than Hillary.