Higher education is the next big bubble. Americans have racked up over $1.2 trillion and counting in student loan debt, which averages over $32,000 per graduate. Increasingly, it’s more difficult to repay those loans especially if you don’t earn a big salary. Five out of six college grads had no prospects a few weeks before graduating. We can thank the Obama economy for a 13.1 youth unemployment rate, according to Generation Opportunity’s monthly millennial jobs report.

So with high student loan debt and high unemployment, what’s a girl to do? The infamous Moonlite BunnyRanch in Nevada has an offer in mind.

The brothel, which had an HBO special on the lives of its “bunnies” over a decade ago, will pay down student loans for new sex workers. Over a 60-day period, young women will earn in matching loan payments from the BunnyRanch what they make prostituting – almost like a two-for-one deal. They must have attended accredited two and four-year universities.

The BunnyRanch owner says he got the idea from coeds who stayed behind after field trips to fill out applications. The Daily Caller reports:

“I had a University of Michigan cheerleader named Krissy Summers come to the Bunny Ranch a few years ago after she was $40,000 in debt with student loans,” the procurer and author of  “The Art Of The Pimp” said in a statement. “She paid them all off in two months. She even ended up liking the business and staying long enough to fund her graduate studies.”

Hof added that he is able to hire local college girls thanks to sociology professors who bring classes to his house of ill repute to observe.

“Each year a couple of the students end up coming back to fill out applications. I never forget a pretty face, and when I see the girl working as one of our legal prostitutes and I ask her where I know her from, she always says ‘the sociology department’s field trip!'” Hof said.

Hof also said that he is pimping to create a better world. He declared that “making education affordable to all who want it is a humanitarian endeavor” and said that he feels “a responsibility to use” his position as a famous pimp “to help others in that regard.”

As the Washington Post reports, others sex-industry companies are making public offers to attract younger workers. Pornhub.com recently announced a $25,000 scholarship for video submissions that answered the question: “How do you strive to make others happy?”

Selling sex online or even in “legal” brothels are far from humanitarian. The real problem is that college is so unaffordable young women feel the pressure to sell their bodies just to pay for their diplomas. “Working” your way through college is not new, but “working” to repay student loans is a new phenomenon.

College costs too much these days and the solution from big government advocates like President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren is to throw more money at the problem. “Free college” is not the solution, because someone is paying for that degree: taxpayers. Federal student aid in the form of loans and grants is exactly why the costs of college continue to climb higher each year. For each dollar of aid the federal government doles out, colleges raise tuition cost by 55-65 cents according to the Federal Reserve of New York.

We’re doing a disservice to the individual high school student by saying the only way to succeed is via a four-year degree. That’s a one-size-fits all solution, when each of our kids needs a specialized approach that should allow for choice and competition in higher education. There are many high-quality alternatives to a traditional four-year that can help a young person to graduate with the education and skills they need to land a good job in this economy and without the five-digit debt. Trades and apprenticeships are examples, but so is the world of online learning. Even allowing students to test out of levels of college courses and earning the credits without being charged for them can make the difference between graduating in two or three years versus four.

Solutions abound, but I am disheartened that young women may choose to use their bodies in ways that they may regret one day because of the education they secured to land them a career far removed from what they are doing now.

We certainly deserve and have the choice about what we do to earn money, but should we celebrate legal prostitution as one of those means?