The women of The View had a field day talking about GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina's face the other day. Their remarks, which included comparing Ms. Fiorina's face to that of a "demented" Halloween mask,, made Donald Trump's vulgar "look at that face" sound comparatively refined. Ironically, Trump had come in for deserved criticism for those remarks by the women of The View.  

Allahpundit comments on the low level of self-awareness among The View's women:  

There’s not an iota of awareness that they’re committing the same sin against feminism that [Trump] did, scrutinizing the looks of one of the only two women running for president this year.

. . .

Clearly, the only reason they objected to Trump’s insult last month was because they wanted to score a point on Trump, not because they have any principled objection to making fun of Fiorina’s appearance.

CNN's Brooke Baldwin was appalled and did a segment on The View, including playing a clip of The View women raking Donald Trump over the coals. He is asked,  "Why don't you talk about [Fiorina's] brain instead of her face?" To which Baldwin says, "Amen."