Just for fun this morning, here is a snippet from Kirsten Powers' USA Today column headlined "Ladies of 'The View' Should Think before Calling Carly Demented:"

Have you heard the joke about Carly Fiorina’s demented face? It’s a real knee slapper.

At least that’s what the ladies of ABC’s The View seem to believe.

In a discussion following the second GOP presidential debate, co-host Michelle Collins told her fellow panelists that Fiorina’s smile that night made her look “demented.” Joy Behar added, “I wish it was a Halloween mask, I’d love that.”  Collins then quipped, “A ‘smiling Fiorina.’ Can you imagine that? It'd give me nightmares.”

Now, if you don’t appreciate the comic genius here, you are obviously a humorless sad sack. If you think that mocking a woman’s face and portraying her as a psychopath — which is usually how the word “demented” is understood — is offensive, then you simply just don’t “get it.”

So we learned Friday when The Viewhosts interviewed Fiorina, demanding to know why she took umbrage at their mean girl routine.

"How about humor?" Whoopi Goldberg asked Fiorina. "There are going to be lots of comics saying lots of different things. … [H]ow will you … get a thicker skin to accept some of the humorous things that will be said about you?”

Translation: not only are we going to make nasty, sexist “jokes” at your expense, but we are going to demand you like it.

This is a tactic that is frankly usually reserved for male chauvinist pigs. 

Do read the whole column. it is smart and a lot of fun to read.