This is almost painful to watch: Keely Mullen, national organizer of the Million Student March, goes on Neil Cavuto's show and shows she had no idea what she is talking about.

The Million Student March is demanding free college, college loan debt forgiveness, and a $15 minimum wage for college students.  She said this free stuff would be paid for by "the one percent of people in society that are hoarding the wealth and really sort of causing a catastrophe that students are facing."

It was downhill from there. Under Cavuto's questioning, it became obvious that, wherever Ms. Mullen goes to college, she hasn't learned much about basic economics. Best moment: When Cavuto asks her if she would be willing to pay a little bit more in taxes to support these free things.

ThinkProgress, the progressive group, has a glowing article on the movement, which is active on more than a hundred campuses, headlined "What You Need to Know about the Student Protest Sweeping the Country Today."

Nice clinched fists in the artwork, but maybe we need an article on what these student protesters need to know about economics and history before they open their mouths and let us know just how badly educated they are.