Quote of the Day:

Under the subject line “100 and counting . . .” [press aide] Philippe Reines continued, “110 is a reasonable goal. Here are the 94 countries left to choose from,” he wrote, followed by a list that ran from Andorra to Zimbabwe.

–New York Post

Hillary Clinton presents herself as the seasoned candidate with a resume of experience, but as this story in the New York Post on the latest batch of Mrs. Clinton's emails makes clear, some of the former secretary's "experience" was mostly window dressing, in the form of visiting more countries just to get the numbers up.

The New York Post reports on how Mrs. Clinton's staff worked hard to ensure that Mrs. Clinton broke the record for most countries visited while serving as secretary of state. She beat former secretary Madeleine Albright's record of 98 countries; Mrs. Clinton visited 112.

Is this how Mrs. Clinton regarded her job as secretary of state–as just a way to burnish her resume, at taxpayer expense, to prepare for the ultimate job, by visiting countries? Did it matter whether it was Andorra or Zimbabwe, as long as political benefit accrued to the secretary?

When we really needed to know something important from her, such as what happened that night in Benghazi, she hid from us until Congress at last presented her with invitations she could not refuse. Taxpayers, we've been used .

Whatever legacy Mrs. Clinton achieved as secretary of state, she sure left one heck of a carbon footprint.