A former spokesman for Hillary Clinton, speaking at an event at Georgetown University, said that there is no GOP  "war on women."

The "war on women" was a cornerstone of the 2012 presidential race and we should not be surprised if it surfaces next year.

But Inside Sources is reporting that one Democratic insider says it's hype:

For years, Democratic Party leaders have attacked Republicans for waging a “war on women.” Now a former spokesman for the Democratic National Committee — and Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign — is denouncing that rhetoric as “overly incendiary,” “not true,” and part of why Americans hate politics.

“I do not believe that there’s any sort of Republican war on women,” Mo Elleithee said Tuesday. “I hate when people say that, just as I hate when Republicans say that there’s a Democratic war on religion or the military.”

Elleithee made his comments at an event for Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service, which he’s run since leaving the DNC in June. The longtime Democratic operative later told InsideSources that Republican policies are bad for women, but “overly hyped” political language turns voters off.

“I hate when there’s rhetoric that’s overly incendiary,” he said in an interview. “I hate when there’s rhetoric that’s just not true. When you say there’s a war on something, that means you’re out to destroy it. Republicans aren’t out to destroy women.”

Note that Elleithree isn't being as nice to Republicans as the headline implies. He's merely conceding that Republicans aren't consciously out to destroy women. Well, it's a start.