According to a columnist for the New York Daily News, I deserve to die…and so do many other Americans.

On Saturday, the appropriately named Daily News columnist Linda Stasi wrote that Nicholas Thalasinos, one of the 14 San Bernardino victims, is just as bad as the man who murdered him. She went even further in saying Thalasinos actually shares some of the blame for the death of his colleagues at the hands of the radicals that killed them.

Why does she think Thalasinos was so bad? Well, Stasi condemns him for 1) his support of the National Rifle Association, 2) being pro-life, 3) voicing concern about Planned Parenthood’s recent baby-selling racket, 4) his concern about America’s immigration problem, 5) liking Ann Coulter’s position the immigration issue, and 6) his provocative postings on Facebook. Stasi provides two examples of his provocations on Facebook: one where he asks if anti-Semitism is increasing among the political class in America, and two, a rant against the Million Man March and Iran. He also used profanity in one post, which might have also upset Stasi.

Thankfully, Twitter has reacted in the best way possible:

It’s always nice to go on Twitter to see smarter people than myself respond to such idiocy. I wish I could think of something witty to say in 140 characters or less but I’m too long winded.

And while it was nice to see the overwhelmingly negative response to Stasi’s shockingly stupid article, we shouldn’t dismiss her disturbing and very dark and dangerous message as sophomoric clickbait. There’s something truly sinister about Stasi’s position and sadly, what she suggests has probably been whispered among the political left for quite some time. Stasi simply made it public–the belief those who disagree with the Left are not worthy of any sympathy and in fact, deserve what they get—even death–for straying from the approved groupthink.

This is nothing new. For years, we’ve seen calls to punish “climate deniers.” College campuses stew with the demands of left-wing students who harass and drive out faculty that hold differing opinions. We see it in business where industry is so terrified of angering the mob that they’ll bend to the demands of activists without even putting up a fight (or defending their own business practices or products). We see it in the press who only reports on certain stories or leaves out critical details in order to frame a story in a certain way. And now we have this—a not-so-subtle suggestion that those with right-of-center views deserve to die.

I hate hashtag activism but I think it might be time for a #IAmNicholasThalasinos hashtag on Twitter to remind those on the Left and those in the press (but I’m being repetitive) that Thalasinos held some pretty common beliefs.

Take me—I consider myself a pretty reasonable person and I have friends on both sides of the aisle. But according to Stasi, I'm a radical for being pro-2nd Amendment. I also support the National Rifle Association. I am pro-life. I’m deeply disturbed about Planned Parenthood’s grotesque and illegal practices. Also like Thalasinos, I am troubled by the Obama Administration’s failure on immigration and I support some of Ann Coulter’s suggested fixes to these difficult issues. I fully agree that anti-Semitism is on the rise and I think the press is wildly unfair in covering issues dealing with the Middle East and Israel in particular. I also agree with Thalasinos’ concerns about the Million Man March. After all, the march is organized by Louis Farrakhan—a racist, anti-Semitic, holocaust denier.

But according to Stasi, I’m a bonkers radical that deserves to die.

Stasi should apologize. I don’t care if she’s fired. The New York Daily News didn’t have to run the piece and I wish they had better editorial standards but they did run it so the problem goes far beyond one columnist—it suggests there’s a real problem with the paper as a whole if they think Stasi’s column is worthy of ink. But I do hope someone at the paper offers the family of Nicholas Thalasinos a sincere apology for suggesting he had a role in his own murder and that of his friends and coworkers. And I hope the Left takes note of the radicalization of this suggestion and the dangerous message it conveys.