Has Salon been bought out by the Onion?

What made Wednesday’s massacre in San Bernardino so unusual was that for once, the violence wasn’t the doing of a lone male. From the moment 27 year-old Tashfeen Malik was identified as one of the killers, the news watching public has been struggling to understand how a woman could do such a thing. And so far it appears that even in an act of terrible infamy, a woman will still always be defined by her motherhood….

I’m not saying there isn’t a signifiant gender gap in who commits more mass murders — but I would like to suggest that being a woman and a mother does not, unfortunately, make one immune to being a violent person….

Malik — like her husband, was, along with being a murderer, a parent. Yet she alone is now being referred to by sources like NBC as “Tashfeen Malik, Mother in San Bernardino Massacre.” It’s interesting how accused killer in the Planned Parenthood shooting Robert Dear has yet to appear in any headlines I’ve seen as “Father of four Robert Dear.”

Heavens! Women earn only 77 terrorism cents for men's terrorism dollar! There's a jihadi glass ceiling! Why are there no females on the ISIS beheading squad?

At least Tashfeen Malik didn't take her husband's last name! That's a blow against the patriarchy, isn't it?

And if Salon writer Mary Elizabeth Williams had done her Google homework, she would have discovered this Nov. 29 headline in the U.K. Daily Mail:

Cabin-dwelling recluse ‘Planned Parenthood gunman' was once a happily married father and art dealer – but became a pot-smoking oddball who sought sadomasochistic sex online after divorce

Dear got divorced some 15 years ago–in 2000, at which point he seemed to have essentially abandoned his four children. Malik was at home with her 6-month-old baby just before she rushed off to do some killing alongside her husband.
Maybe that kind of explains why Malik was "defined by her motherhood."