Bill Clinton–the gift that keeps on giving!

And one of the things he's giving right now is some frisson to wife Hillary's torpid presidential campaign. Because–whom would you rather read about, Hillary or Bill?

Because along with Bill, you get Paula Jones, who sued him for sexual harassment over a 1991 incident in which the former president, then governor of Arkansas, allegedly dropped trou in a hotel room and tried to persuade Jones, then a 24-year-old clerk for the Arkansas state government, to have oral sex with him. She was a kind of proto-Monica Lewinsky, except that she, unlike Lewinsky, wasn't smitten enough to go along. Clinton ultimately settled Jones's suit for $50,000.

See–isn't that a lot more sexy (as it were) than Hillary's boring old "abuela" shtick?

And now, Paula is back! With this interview for Breitbart:

Speaking to weekend talk radio host Aaron Klein, Jones slammed Hillary as a “two-faced” “liar” who waged a war on women by trying to discredit “predator” Bill’s sexual accusers.

“And how dare her. You know what? She don’t care nothing about women. Because if she did she would believe what I had to say. She would believe what the other women had to say. ”

Jones further accused the media of practicing a double standard by  “protecting” the Clintons while deservedly scrutinizing Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual assaults.

Stated Jones: “It’s really a sad, sad day if Hillary becomes president, because she has allowed her husband to get by with this type of stuff.  Why does he have a right to be back in the White House, the people’s house?

“Why is he allowed to be back there with the track record that he has and his wife and the lying that she does and how she tried to discredit all of these women that her husband abused and sexually harassed?”

There's more:

Klein asked Jones to respond to a recent Clinton campaign ad in which Hillary insisted all women must be sided with if they accuse men of sexual assault.

“You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed. We’re with you,” Clinton said in the video, which she addressed to “every survivor of sexual assault.”

Jones responded: “She needs to support all of us and she needs to believe all of us if she says she believes women that claim sexual harassment and they have a right to be heard.”

Yes! Thanks, Bill, for making Hillary's campaign a whole lot more…interesting.