Quote of the Day:

Hillary Clinton is waging the most sexist campaign in the history of presidential contests by showing up, dumbing down, girling up, and pretending that her husband’s sexual indiscretions — past, potentially present and possibly future — just don’t matter. But sex matters.

–Andrea Peyser in the New York Post

Peyser is often a maverick but I'd say this is one of her hardest-hitting columns ever. I can do no better than quote from her:

Candidate Clinton infuriatingly plays the chick card, rejecting reality as she sprints to the finish line of the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, the cherry on top of a long and sordid career that was founded not on her talent as a deep thinker, stellar speaker or gifted public servant, but on her sterling credentials as a Grade-A doormat.

She seems to believe she deserves the White House — as she did a United States Senate seat and her perch as secretary of state — as payback for putting up with ex-President Bill, who turned her into the pathetic punch line in a long-running joke.

And while I’d enjoy seeing Bill neutered as First Man under the watchful eye of a possible Madam President, I must ask: Is this any way to run a country?

Peyser says that Mrs. Clinton has sought to say, in effect, that one should not vote for rivals Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders because they are sexists. But instead of cowering and apolotizing Trump "came out swinging."

I was against bringing up Bill Clinton's sexual conduct in the campaign. It seemed to me that the public had decided about that in the 1990s, giving him a pass and making Hillary a martyr. But I have revised my opinion.

Feminists in particular ignored Bill Clinton's misconduct at that time, but in the Obama era that has elevated the "war on women," Bill Clinton's actions may look different to younger feminists.