It's one of the more talked about issues of late, but the cause and cure for obesity is more complicated than most recognize.

Regardless of the news outlet, a story on obesity is likely to appear. Some individuals, think tanks and special-interest groups will try to pin it on one or two things. Soda is one example, although there have been reports in recent years connecting climate change and obesity. Meanwhile, Forbes recently published an article with a headline: “Could Flame Retardants In Household Items Lead to Obesity?"

Julie Gunlock, senior fellow at the Independent Women's Forum and author of From Cupcakes to Chemicals: How the Culture of Alarmism Makes Us Afraid of Everything and How to Fight Back, says obesity is an incredibly complex issue.

"Anyone who says it's because of sugar, or it's because of soda, or it's because of fast food or unhealthy school lunches, anyone who says it's just one thing knows nothing about obesity,” she says. “Obesity is incredibly complex." 

According to Gunlock, several factors contribute to obesity.

"[Factors include] socio-economic factors, your gender, your age,” she tells OneNewsNow. “There are so many things that they are now doing research on with gut bacteria. It's really fascinating when you get into the details of obesity, but it is folly to try to pin it on one thing."