Anti-momists who believe all women should work outside the home, and indeed are wasted if they don't, aren't going to like the conclusions in this saga of the stay-at-home father.

Since we at IWF believe that women should make their own choices, we could only enjoy the praise that Peter Cook, a stay at home father and home school teacher, and Federalist writer Rich Cromwell, heaped upon mothers after spending time running households with children.

After going insane trying to keep the little darlings entertained and prevent them from murdering each other, the fathers realize:

It only takes a few days of being a full-time caretaker to realize that the natural cloak of invisibility is a sham. You don’t have a superpower—your kids are just better judges of competence than you ever realized. For that reason, they are drawn to your wife. We’re not trying to say that fathers are incompetent or endorsing the “bumbling dad” stereotype that bad sitcoms and commercials far too often perpetuate.

We are simply acknowledging a simple truth: this job is really hard, and our wives have always made it look effortless. When working full-time, men leave the house for at least 40 hours a week and, in that time, our wives are civilizing the kids, feeding us all, and keeping the house organized. When our kids call for mom they are not trying to undermine dad. They’re just calling for an expert.