An author and Facebook executive continues to make headlines for claiming there is a "toddler wage gap," but one mother and commentator calls that ridiculous. 

"We've really reached a new low when we're just trying to find a grievance at every turn," responds Carrie Lukas, managing director of the Independent Women's Forum.

Lukas was responding to Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operations officer for Facebook, who complained about wage disparity when she spoke at the recent World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

To make her point, Sandberg compared boys who take out the trash to their sisters who wash dishes.

Taking out the trash "takes less time than cleaning the dishes," the Facebook executive observed, "and they're getting higher allowances."

Sandberg's net worth is reportedly more than $1 billion. 

"I think parents out there are treating their kids as fairly as they can," Lukas tells OneNewsNow. "And we should really stop trying with this endless bean counting and trying to find sexism at every turn."

American parents today are encouraging their daughters to succeed, she adds, and they're investing in their education.

The complaint about wages is a shame, says Lukas, because Sandberg penned the book "Lean in" that has a positive message to girls and women.   

The author and Facebook executive has moved from a message of empowerment, Lukas says, to somebody who "wants to find sexism at every turn."