News articles are advising young people to go to the doctor before their bodies fall apart, but one commentator thinks it still boils down to individual responsibility. 

According to information published in Nevada’s Reno Gazette-Journal and in USA Today, some Millennials feel pretty invincible, which is something ObamacCare supporters have said in recent years. Regardless, the articles say young adults need to find a doctor before neglect of their health – like neglect of car maintenance – leads to potential breakdowns and expensive repair bills.

Medical professionals interviewed for the articles recommend Millennials "go to the doctor right now" to check things like blood pressure and cholesterol, and establish a healthy diet and exercise.

Hadley Heath Manning, director of health policy at the Independent Women's Forum, says it is good advice although not everybody will have the same needs.

"Ultimately some of the questions about how often to go and what kind of tests and screenings you're going to need will come down to your individual judgment and your individual health history," she says.

The aforementioned recommendations are the same things doctors have been advising people to do for years – and not just to Millennials.

"It's certainly not for lack of information that people are unhealthy," says Manning. "I think the suggestion to always have a point of contact in the medical system in whatever city you're living is good advice."

Even without that, Manning says it certainly would not prevent anyone from accessing care if they have an emergency. 

"You can always go to an emergency room and do it that way, but the bottom line here is this is an individual responsibility,” she says. “No number of recommendations or even government rules are going to make it so that everyone eats healthier, exercises more often and utilizes more preventative care as they should.”