Guess the name of the magazine where this quotation ran:

Maybe you met him at a party, go to school with him, or overheard him at your local bar. He may even be your boyfriend. Meet the gunsplainers, who have a sole solution to the carnage of recent shootings: Arm yourself.

Ms.? Bustle? Feministing?

No–it's Cosmopolitan, the magazine whose usual reading fare is more like "Would You Go Topless to Get a Pay Raise?" and "I Took My Boyfriend to a Dominatrix.

Cosmo has decided to partner with former New York "Nanny City" mayor Michael Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety, whose chief mission is to demonize gun owners and gun ownership. So the March issue of the mag, instead of a list of "78 Ways to Turn Him On" will feature a list of 78 or so canned responses to statements from your man such as "She wouldn't have been shot if she'd had a gun." You're supposed to answer: "Homes with guns have more violence"–and if that doesn't put him in his place: "It's cruel to second-guess a victim."

The Cosmo crusade against "gunsplainers" seems to be a response to an uptick in the number of women who own guns: 23 percent in 2011 as contrast to 13 percent in 2005, according to this Blaze report in 2013.

So Cosmo wants to make sure that its readers pin the gun blame back squarely on men where it belongs. Cosmo contributor Liz Welch writes:

Nearly one-third of all U.S. households had at least one gun in 2014. And those weapons are three times as likely to be owned by a man than a woman, according to a 2013 Pew Research Center report. Does the person you're dating own a firearm? Have you ever talked about gun safety?….

While no one wants to imagine her partner would hurt her, the stats tell another truth: 1 in 3 women will experience abuse in her lifetime, according to the CDC. Nearly 1 in 5 may be stalked. And when a gun is present in a domestic-violence situation, a study in the American Journal of Public Health found, it raises a woman's risk for being killed by 500 percent.

But don't let your man say, "She wouldn't have been shot if she'd had a gun."

The Cosmo-Everytown partnership sponsors a website, where you can consume your fill of videos telling you not to date a gun-owner.

Please, Cosmo–go back to "60 Sex Tips" and "Look Leaner Naked"!