Here's some potentially bad news for Hillary Clinton: only slightly more than a fourth of American call themselves feminists. Here is the scoop from YouGov:

The prospect of a female president has caused controversy among liberal feminists as they battle each other over whether it is more important to support Hillary Clinton or the self-described socialist Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries. Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright criticized young women who are supporting Bernie Sanders, with Steinem even saying that this was because they were seeking attention from men. Given how few Americans describe themselves as feminists, however, the debate may not sway that many votes. 

YouGov's latest research shows that most Americans (53%) say that they are not feminists, though just over a quarter (26%) say that they are feminists. There is a noticeable gender gap, however, as while a third of women say they are feminists less than a fifth of men say the same.

YouGov  gives an interesting breakdown on who calls themselves feminists: the percentage of under thirties calling themselves feminists is 30%, which is only three percentage points above the 27 % of over-65s who call themselves feminists. Still, the kids are less likely to outright reject the designation–the rejectionists are respectively 44% to 62%. 

Why has this happened?

When asked why they are not feminists, the most common response (40%) is that 'feminists are too extreme', followed by 'feminists are anti-men' (18%). 11% of non-feminists are not feminists because they believe men and women are not equal. 

All I can say is, Movement Feminists, Gloria, Madeleine, et al, you did this to yourselves.

Instead of telling young women about the opportunities available to all of them in contemporary America, you stressed a trumped up wage gap, alleged gender discrimination, and the need to elect a woman of questionable character to the highest office in the land.

Way to go!