How in the world could anyone freak out about adorable, sweet, chewy Gummy Bears? Well, the writers at a site called Healthy Holistic Living (natch) decided to do just that, warning moms that Gummy Bears are made with “cancer-causing petroleum products.”

You see, alarmists know how to get to consumers. They know that they need to target moms who do most of the shopping for the family. So, they pick a much-loved children’s snack and throw the word “cancer” next to it, and instantly you have a legion of freaked out moms screaming about petroleum spiked cancer bears.

But ladies, let me reassure you.

Gummy Bears are not dripping with petroleum. They and many other candies contain food coloring, specifically Red #40, which is derived from petroleum. But don’t fear; you’re not getting a toxic dose of petroleum when you eat a handful of gummy bears. In fact, according to the FDA, even people who eat large quantities of foods that contain artificial dyes don’t come close to reaching the acceptable daily intake of artificial coloring. In other words, you’d have to eat a massive amount of Gummy Bars to put yourself in any sort of danger. And as any parent knows, kids really shouldn’t eat massive amounts of any sort of candy.

Get it? Practice some basic parenting skills and your kids will be just fine.

And about those artificial dyes being made of petroleum. That might sound scary, but lots of everyday, pretty mundane things contain petroleum. Things like your cell phone, glasses, gum, breath mints, hairbrush, body lotion, shampoo, and most plastic products. Even your clothes, underwear, shoes and jewelry as well as life-saving medications contain petroleum.

Alarmists work hard to cajole moms to change their buying habits. They urge them to buy organic products or more expensive boutique products in order to avoid these so-called dangers.  Of course, these alternatives come at a much higher price but as the alarmists say, if you love your kids, price should never be an issue. Spoken like someone who doesn’t have to worry about money!

I have better advice. Buy the candy of your choice, make sure your kids consume it only in moderation, and ignore the cancer bear alarmists.

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