Headline of the Day:

Hillary Clinton Wants to Talk with You about Love and Kindness

Buzz Feed

Well, that certainly beats talking about Benghazi, classified information on her homebrew email server, and her "smart' diplomacy that turned Libya into an ISIS haven.

Ruby Cramer's Buzz Feed portrait of Hillary as the love and kindness candidate deserves some kind of Oscar for the category of Media Suck Up to a Democratic candidate. The main thing I can say about the profile is this: You aren't going to recognize Hillary Clinton.

If only colleges and universities had known that for Mrs. Clinton "service is a way of life," they might have negotiated for a break in her exorbitant speaking feels.

My favorite section is on Hillary as a Sunday school teacher.

Interestingly, this long and hagiographic profile of Hillary stops before her tenure as secretary of state and her lucrative sojourn on the speaking circuit. It also omitted the Clinton team's vicious attempts to destroy Monica Lewinsky and other inconvenient women.

Here's a prediction: We'll be seeing a lot more of these suck-ups as the presidential campaign gets into full swing and the Democrats try to hold power–though loving kindness, no less.