Quote of the Day:

"Having the members file through [a special secure room to view photos of the dead Osama bin Laden] will provide testimony to the President's feat," [Clinton crony Sidney] Blumenthal wrote in the May 5, 2011 message. "They will be not only be acknowledging but also enhancing his power. They will in effect become liegemen bowing before him, but not in any way they will resent or will protest. They will serve as witnesses to the magnitude of what he has done."

–Latest gem from Hillary Clinton's email trove

Liegemen bowing before him–kudos to Sidney Blumenthal, the Democratic  a Democratic operative, for knowing a bit about English history. But didn't we fight a revolution so that no American would bow before a king as his liegeman?

If you have so far failed to grasp the nature of the raw indignation of the voters this season, this quote from Mr. Blumenthal should go a long way towards explaining it.

To mix my countries, this makes me want to go out this morning and storm a bastille or two.

PS. NOT KUDOS TO ME: I misread the name in the news story and attributed this quote to Senator Richard Blumenthal rather than Sidney Blumenthal.

My apologies to the senator.