Hillary Clinton’s emails aren’t the only ones the State Department has dragged its feet on. It’s also failed to deliver records about how the Obama administration prepared for the Paris Climate Conference.

In early 2015, E&E Legal, which covers energy and environment, sent in its request for these records, hoping to inform the public. But the State Department responded with silence, so the publication is suing. Here’s its write-up

Remarkably, the State Department has not even estimated when it expects to complete production of the remaining records regarding an issue the same agency declares is the greatest threat facing the world today.

While the State Department, like many other agencies, blames overwork and limited staff for the delay, the delay itself hampered the public’s ability to participate meaningfully in the debate about climate change and the negotiations in Paris.

If the delay continues, as seems likely, the administration may be able to ensure that the public remains in the dark about how it conducted its “climate diplomacy” until the next president takes office, which is precisely what their cynical strategy appears to be.

That’s par for the course under the “most transparent administration in history.”