Here's how to melt away women's support for gun control:

Be a really good-looking guy.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

A convicted felon whose handsome booking photo went viral was released from federal prison this week, and he is now entertaining job offers.

Jeremy Meeks was sentenced in February 2015 to two years in federal prison for a weapons violation….

Meeks’ piercing blue eyes and chiseled cheekbones earned him several nicknames, including “hot felon,” “hot convict” and “handsome felon,” after the Stockton Police Department posted his mugshot on Facebook.

He was arrested in June 2014 after he was stopped by police, who then found a semiautomatic handgun and two extended magazines for the weapon. Authorities accused Meeks of being a member of the Northside Gangster Crips….

After his mugshot sent the Internet into a frenzy, the 32-year-old received modeling offers. Fundraising efforts and Facebook groups were created for Meeks.

Weapons violation! Semi-automatic!

Although times are changing and  increasing numbers of women support gun rights and are even buying guns for self-protection, the majority of U.S. women continue to be Million Mom March types who want stiff restrictions on buying and owning firearms:

[A]ccording to a poll conducted by YouGov and the Economist over July and August, 54 percent of women believed that laws covering the sale of handguns should be stricter, compared to 49 percent of men.

But here's how Buzzfeed staff writer Julie Gerstein greeted the news of Meeks's release:

The Hot Felon Is Finally Out of Prison, You Guys

And mmm, when Meeks's mugshot, hit the Facebook page of the police department in Stockton, California, where Meeks was arrested,  the gals went wild, according to Bustle:

That's because Meeks, with his high cheekbones, chiseled jawline, and baby-blue eyes, looks like he stepped out of a Tommy Hilfiger ad. Since it was posted on Wednesday, the picture has amassed nearly 54,000 likes, over 6,000 shares, and nearly 16,000 comments.

Bustle posted a plethora of female tweets on the order of "I wish I could sit on his jury so I could vote not guilty" and "I want his children."

This is even though Meeks isn't exactly a baby when it comes to clashes with law enforcement, according to this ABC report soon after his 2014 arrest:

Meeks has been in trouble with the law on and off since 2002, when the now 30-year-old served a two-year sentence for grand theft of a person (a lesser offense than robbery), according to Stockton police.

After leaving prison, Meeks reportedly got into legal trouble again in 2005. According to documents obtained by the Smoking Gun website, Meeks was reportedly arrested for alleged identify theft in 2005. Online records show that Meeks was a listed as a defendant in Spokane, Wash., courts five different times from 2005 to 2007.

According to KTXL-TV in Stockton, Meeks was convicted of theft in 2005 and forgery in 2007 and served less than 75 days total for both offenses.

That's quite a rap sheet.

Now–I wish Meeks, married and a father of three children, the best of luck as he goes straight and pursues that modeling career (he's already got a manager).

But he might also have a career worming his way into the hearts of otherwise gun control-fixated women: Just pose him next to an AK-47 looking at you longingly with those heartthrob eyes.