Several GOP candidates have said they would cancel the nuclear treaty with Iran on Day One.

Good luck with that–Iran is already showing how little it cares about the deal, now that it has pocketed the first round of $$$ freed up by signing it.  The regime is testing ballistic missiles in violation of U.N. commitments.  

In an editorial headlined "Iran's Moderates Go Ballistic," the Wall Street Journal explains what is going on. The "moderates," by the way, are the men who were elected last month. Nuke deal advocates indulged in pleasant fantasies that they are moderates.

But here is what is going on:

It soon [after the elections] became clear that the moderates hadn’t done as well as advertised—and that moderation, Iranian-style, is relative.

That much was clear from the message printed this week along the length of an Iranian ballistic missile, which said—in Hebrew as well as Farsi, lest anything be lost in translation—that “Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth.” On Wednesday Iran test-fired two such missiles with a reported range of 1,250 miles from a mountain base, hitting targets 850 miles away in southwestern Iran. The Jewish state is about 600 miles from the Islamic Republic at the nearest point.

Tehran’s show of force—it also tested missiles on Tuesday—are not the work of the usual “hardline” suspects. Iran tested ballistic missiles last fall in violation of a U.N. Security Council resolution, and in January Mr. Rouhani publicly ordered his defense minister to speed up missile testing and production. The Obama Administration later sanctioned a handful of Iranian individuals and companies for the violations, but to little effect. The tests appear to be timed to coincide with Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel.

“Our main enemies, the Americans, who mutter about plans, have activated new missile sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran and are seeking to weaken the country’s missile capability,” said one Iranian general. “The Guards and other armed forces are defenders of the revolution and the country will not pay a toll to anyone.”

So much for the nuclear deal producing a new era of Iranian accommodation to the world. Part of the problem is that Secretary of State John Kerry bowed to Iranian demands during the nuclear negotiations not to include ballistic missiles as part of the final deal, though missiles are an essential component of any nuclear program.

Another essential component of a nuclear program is money, and because of the nuclear deal the Iranians have plenty more of that.  Secretary of State John Kerry has phoned Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who became his best bud during the negotiations, to protest the missile firings. That should do it.

Meanwhile, the administration is being rebuffed by its new BFFs in Cuba's dictatorship. President Obama, as you know, is all jolly hockey sticks about visiting the Castro brothers' economically-deprived island prison.

But the Cubans have put out a tough statement that the Wall Street Journal sums up with this headline: "Enjoy Your Visit this Month, but Mind Your Own Business."

And how did the administrtion respond?

The White House on Wednesday played down the talk from the Cubans ahead of the visit, which officials said would allow the U.S. to use its influence to advocate for more freedoms for the Cuban people.

Just like the nuclear deal helped the moderate faction in Iran.