Cosmopolitan is not known for being Republican-friendly, yet they hired Meghan McCain, the daughter of John McCain. Her first piece was posted Monday, “Donald Trump Is Destroying My Party.”



As Politico reported, McCain released a statement:

“I am thrilled to be joining a brand that has been the voice of women for 50 years,” McCain, who hosts a nationally syndicated radio show and is a Fox News contributor said in a statement. “Its no-holds-barred approach to topics like politics, careers, and relationships make it the perfect place for me to weigh in on the issues that women of my generation are thinking and talking about.”

Cosmopolitan issued their own statement:

“We are thrilled to have Meghan as a regular contributor to,” said Editor Amy Odell. “The site has always been deeply committed to featuring the unique voices and perspectives of young women on every issue we cover, including politics. Meghan’s fearless commitment to combating negative stereotypes about the Republican party, rejecting labels, and advocating for young women make her an ideal contributor, whose voice is sure to resonate with our many millions of readers.”

Red Alert Politics reached out to women’s conservative groups for their thoughts.

Carrie Lukas, the managing director of Independent Women’s Forum, was encouraged by the move, and noted why McCain may have been chosen:

It’s great for Cosmopolitan to include a voice on the right.  Women need to hear competing view points and for too long women’s magazines have presented almost exclusively the point of view of liberal and progressive women.  Of course, Meghan McCain is hardly a staunch conservative — she is very moderate and has been critical on the Republican Party on many issues, which may be why Cosmo chose her to be a representative of “the right.”  That said, it’s at least a small step in the right direction to add a little diversity to the mix.

The Network of enlightened Women (NeW) has a different take. For the 2014 elections, founder and president Karin Agness wrote op-eds for the Washington Examiner and the Washington Times.

Agness warned “ladies, don’t be fooled by Cosmo.” And, to Cosmo saying young women have been “derided, condescended to, and insulted,” Agness claims the magazine is doing just that by getting women out to vote through party buses with shirtless male models.

Diana Stacy, the NeW chapter president at Elon University, also wrote a piece for the College Fix about college women who decried Cosmo’s ploy.

McCain should be writing more pieces soon for Cosmopolitan. It will be worthwhile to note what kind of representative she serves to be for conservatism and the Republican Party.