The Free Beacon has a video of Hillary Clinton claiming that there is "no evidence" that raising the minimum wage destroys jobs. Here are the quotes:

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton claimed Tuesday there is “no evidence” to prove raising the minimum wage costs jobs.

“I also want to raise the minimum wage, and I support the effort here in Washington state to do that,” Clinton said at a rally in Everett, Washington. “There is no evidence that the minimum wage being increased costs jobs, so I’m supporting what you’re trying to do here, and I want to raise it across the country.”

Clinton favors a $12 per hour minimum wage, 20 percent less than the $15 an hour desired by socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.). Clinton herself acknowledged last year she was hesitant to support a $15 minimum wage “because there are different economic environments. And what you can do in L.A. or in New York may not work in other places.”

Clinton also earlier expressed concern that raising the wage as high as $15 at the federal level could cause “job loss and dislocation.” Tuesday, however, she said there was no proof to show raising the minimum wage could kill jobs.

But there is overwhelming evidence that drastic minimum wage hikes reduce the number of jobs. The Free Beacon carried a story in November citing two economists who  estimated that Clinton's proposed wage hike would slash 800,000 jobs.

Walter Williams has been one of the most eloquent exponents of how unrealistically raising the minimum wage harms low-skill workers. This is an old blog but it has Williams talking to Jason Riley about the effect of such hikes on minorities.

Meanwhile, there is ample more recent evidence of drastic job loss from Seattle and other places that have hiked the minimum wage. You know who does benefit from wage hikes? Democratic politicians.

Regardless of the actual effect on the lives of ordinary citizens, Mrs. Clinton is not going to relinquish this talking point.