Nero fiddled, President Obama danced.

President Obama has not let the murder of more than thirty people and maiming of an as yet unknown number of others in the Brussels terror attack earlier this week put a damper on his vacation trip (I mean diplomatic mission) to Cuba and Argentina. It may be unseemly under the circumstances, but our president certainly knows how to cut a rug.

Don't miss this video of POTUS dancing the night away in Argentina.

The Weekly Standard has relevant quotes from the pool report on the gala evening:

"A little after 9 pm, the pool was brought back in to see the start of the dance performance at the state dinner. There was a space cleared in front of the head table (full names of those at the head table will likely come in a subsequent report). A striking couple soon took their places in front of the two presidents, their spouses and other guests. The woman, who had long, straight dark hair, wore a silver, sparkly dress with a high slit up one side along with impossibly-high silver heels. The man, who had closely-cropped black hair, wore all black. As a song that appeared to be a traditional form of tango played, they did a series of spins and dips at high speed, along with other, slower and more fluid moves. At times, the female dancer did high kicks," reports the White House pool reporter, providing context.

"It appeared that President Macri was explaining aspects of the dance to President Obama, and Michelle Obama looked very taken with the whole performance.

"After the first dance, the couple did a more up tempo performance. At that point the pool was being ushered out, but then some reporters saw that the female dancer was walking up to POTUS and asking him to dance. He initially demurred, but then took her hand and started dancing. Moments later, FLOTUS agreed to dance with the male dancer. Many guests stood up and started videotaping the Obamas dancing with their respective dancers. At that point, the pool was sent out of the room and ushered into the vans, where we are now holding."

Embarrassed yet?