Wednesday's new low of the political campaign was a PAC's vulgar attack on Melania Trump followed by her husband's equally despicable threat to "spill the beans" on Heidi Cruz.

But that is so Wednesday–things rapidly deteriorated, and the new new low is much much lower.

I had indicated that Trump would probably criticize Mrs. Cruz for working for Goldman Sachs. Was I that naive!

The Trump campaign, as you probably know, instead tweeted an ugly picture of Heidi Cruz (who is an attractive and accomplished woman), with a contorted mouth,  juxtaposed with one of Melania Trump. The caption:

No Need to "Spill the Beans"

The Images Are Worth a Thousand Words

And indeed they are–a thousand words about a man who would allow his presidential campaign to do this. "Allow" is likely the wrong word–the ad has the imprint of Mr. Trump, who is an avid tweeter.

Allahpundit sums up the situation this way:

Out: Cruz challenging Trump to a debate. In: Cruz challenging Trump to a duel.

Generally at the IWF we talk about liberty and economic issues with regard to how they affect women. But I feel I must register my personal disgust at the treatment of Heidi Cruz. In ordering Trump to back off from attacks on his wife, Senator Cruz has been a gentleman throughout.

As I said in my first item on this matter, the matter of the first lady is complicated. A wife can have an impact on her husband's candidacy (I invoked Happy Rockefeller's divorce and lost custody of her children in order to marry Nelson Rockefeller  in the original item).

But what we are seeing now has no place in politics–or in our culture, or in our homes.

And don't say it is funny, because it isn't.

Senator Cruz, if you do challenge this man to a duel for insulting your wife, may I serve as your second?