A conservative women's group says it's a matter of perspective whether you believe Ted Cruz is missing an ObamaCare replacement plan.

According to Politico, no one doubts Senator Cruz would "take apart the health law" that is the Affordable Care Act. But what comes next is this question: How would he replace ObamaCare if he were to go on to become President of the United States?

OneNewsNow sought comment from Hadley Heath Manning, director of health policy at the Independent Women's Forum.

"It would be accurate to say he's missing a replacement plan if you define 'replacement plan' as a policy that basically pursues the same goals as the Affordable Care Act," Manning begins.

"I say that because the ACA's main goals were to increase the number of people with health insurance coverage, to lower healthcare costs, and to change some regulations – especially how people with pre-existing conditions can access health insurance."

So, for some people, Manning says it's not truly a "replacement plan" unless it addresses those issues.

"But on the other hand, Ted Cruz – like a lot of Republicans – will come up with a different set of healthcare policies he would pursue instead of pursuing the Affordable Care Act because he sees the problems in on our healthcare system differently," says Manning.

According to the IWF spokeswoman, another important lens is whether the Texas senator might be open to some policies that "more specifically address what he believes are the problems in our healthcare system."

"But he's not being specific right now as a strategic choice because he understands that you unite a lot of people by saying what you're against," Manning explains. "But as soon as you articulate what you are for specifically, then you might lose people from that coalition.

"So I don't know if it's so much a strategic choice or a policy choice at this juncture," she concludes. "But you're right to say that Ted Cruz has not specifically laid out what you might call an ObamaCare 'replacement plan.'"