It's not every day that a liberal Democrat is blocked from delivering a commencement speech, so we were intrigued to learn that a group of women at Scripps College are mobilizing to prevent Madeleine Albright, the first female secretary of state, as a speaker.

There are two basic complaints about Albright: she is accused of enabling genocide . . . and she is white.

The College Fix reports:

Part of the reason is the belief that she “enabled genocide” by yanking UN and US troops out of Rwanda in the mid-1990s.

Another is because she is a white feminist. It’s 2016, after all. Where are all the POC — People of Color?

“*Just out of curiosity* does anyone know how many POC we’ve had as guest commencement speakers at Scripps? 2…3?” asked another student. “real question. real problem,” asked one student on social media.

The Claremont Independent elaborates:

Several students were upset by the decision to invite Dr. Albright to speak at graduation. An article in The Student Life (TSL) described Albright as a “white feminist and repeated genocide enabler” because she removed UN peacekeepers and U.S. troops from Rwanda and supported military intervention in the Balkans.

Many other students were concerned by the fact that Albright is white, and expressed their sentiments on social media. “2012 and like 2008 appeared to be people of color. but also SO MANY white women,” a student stated.

One student even called for a protest of the event. “With Madeline [sic] Albright being our commencement speaker (and a war criminal and a white feminist) I know some of our professors are refusing to be on stage. I was wondering if any of the students were planning a protest or perhaps some sort of show of disagreement with Albright and what she stands for?”

We last took note of Ms. Albright back in the spring when she said that there is a "special place in hell" for women who don't help women–specifically, women who don't help her friend Hillary Clinton to the White House.

Essay Question: Should we laugh because, at last, a liberal Democrat is being subjected to the same kind of treatment to which conservatives are routinely subjected, or cry because this represents further closing of the minds of students at elite colleges?

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