Are you surprised that feminists have been silent on the attacks on women in Cologne and other European cities by North African and Middle Eastern men? In a must-read article headlined "When Pieties Collide," Heather Mac Donald explains the silence: 

Feminists incessantly harp about a phantom “rape culture” in the United States and other Western countries. On New Year’s Eve 2016, Northern European cities experienced an outbreak of the real thing—and the opponents of patriarchy went silent. It turns out that a more powerful force exists on the left than feminist victimology: multiculturalism.

. . .

But people who did name the attacks for what they were—a manifestation of Muslim misogyny and an alarm bell regarding mass immigration—were vilified as racists. An old-school German feminist, Alice Schwarzer, denounced the New Year’s assaults as a “gang bang” designed to terrorize women; she found herself condemned by other feminists and “antiracists.” Victims refused to give their names to reporters for fear of being pilloried on social media for xenophobia.

. . .

To acknowledge the abyss that separates the experience of Western women from those in Arab and North African countries, though, would risk walking down a slippery slope that might end up with the recognition that Western women do not, in fact, live in a “rape culture.” But even more dangerous than such a debunking of feminist propaganda would be the possibility of confronting the potential threat that large-scale Muslim and Third World immigration poses for Western liberalism and individualism.

Carrie suggested that immigration without assimilation could put women's equality–and safety–at risk in January in an article in the New Boston Post. You'd think feminists would be eager to protect the rights of women but they are either slaves of PC or fear to take a stand for women when really dangerous men rather than an imaginary "patriarchy" are involved.